Tomatito Sexteto “Soy Flamenco”

«… Flamenco is authentic when it is sincere and emanates from the heart. Mergers can also be authentic and in fact, flamenco is born from fusion – or rather the agglomeration of many musical cultures over several centuries.

My way of playing now reflects experiences lived inside and outside the strictly Flemish field. Camarón told me «José, don’t be wrong, a flamenco has to play flamenco». That phrase has become my motto. Play whatever, touch it with sincerity but always, from flamenco, which is what I am.

“De Verdad”, by José Mercé y Tomatito, is Flamenco with capital letters, soul and flamenco heart. A way of understanding, a way of feeling and living life.

José Mercé and Tomatito move us and surprise us with their first job together. Zambras, Seguiyas, Alegrías, Solea, Tangos, Rumbas, Bulerías, Taranta de Almería and Fandangos de Huelva are several of the clubs that we can find by merging the best falsetas of the Almeria guitarist José Fernández Torres “Tomatito” with the Jerez and unmistakable voice of José Mercé
José Mercé and Tomatito, two old friends whose paths had crossed countless times, have once again agreed on the same idea: record a record together and tour to take their music to the most important stages in the world. The objective is clear: to claim flamenco as music, as culture, and elevate it to the category it deserves. Your alliance is about to make history.